Why Richmond?

We know there are other lenders out there and we also know their £10 note is worth the same as ours. So why would you choose Richmond Securities for your development finance?

Here’s Why:

Talk to the decision makers

We know that no matter how great the website or catchy the advert, you just want to speak to the people that make the lending decision. With us you can, right from the off.

We have years of experience

You will be dealing with a provider that has a track record in funding developments and providing bridging finance around the mainland UK. Anyone can say they have done it, not every one has. Check our projects page for examples.

Deals underwritten from Day 1

When we first receive an enquiry we underwrite as thoroughly as we can, straight away. So, if we say Yes, you can be confident that we really mean YES.

Great Service

Being a small team means you always speak to the same people and we are dedicated to funding your development project or bridging loan as quickly and efficiently as possible. Everyone says they give out the best service, it’s easy to say. Our process, though, is designed with the client in mind, we can deliver service others aren’t able to.

Not just office hours

We are available evenings and weekends, so you can discuss your requirements when you need to.

If you are seeking Development Finance, Building Finance or a Bridging Loan, we have a long track record and have been able to assist many people with similar proposals to your own. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your proposal, and look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Dont take our word for it

Have a look here to see what our existing clients and brokers think about us and our service

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