While it is true we do a lot of “meat and potato” projects, it does not mean that we are only interested in the ordinary.

For example, one of our latest projects is from one of our repeat clients, who have purchased a Grade II listed property with planning to convert to two substantial duplex apartments over 3,000 sq. ft.

In this case we are lending just the cost of work, which is expected to take 6 – 9 months before both units are sold.

Funded by Richmond Securities.
Funded by Richmond Securities.

Whenever we lend, be it for the everyday or more spectacular, like this one, we always ensure we are as flexible as possible. From rolling up of interest to advanced stage payments we offer a product that has our clients coming back for more. They enjoy and appreciate the easy process, the quick and dependable decisions as well as our down to earth attitude.

We are not interested in up front fees for ourselves, or marking up for professional costs. We only take our fee on completion of the loan, so we are committed to taking a project to the end. We are working on your side to get an enquiry to drawn down as quickly as possible.

Our ten pound note is worth the same as everyone else’s, so we have to push the boat out on service. Need to talk to us before you get to work? No problem, try ringing first thing, we answer. What if you have a question after hours, again, no problem. If it is feasible, we will answer the phone.

All our enquiries are underwritten at the outset, too. So our “Yes” means something. We don’t take on every enquiry in sight, we only take on those that we intend to complete. It may sound obvious but makes sense for you and us. You don’t want to waste time with a lender that is not going to provide the funding. And for us, if we are not taking any fees until the loan is arranged, we can’t spend time on applications that will not complete.

You might think that extra service and more flexible underwriting comes at a cost? Not so. Our facilities are all very competitive.

When you are ready to deal with a lender that actually looks after you and makes business decisions, not just box ticks, get in touch.

New Business – 01492 879906.

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