With the news this week that the construction sector has shrunken again over the last quarter, we are delighted to confirm that Richmond Securities’ Building Finance products are continuing to fund quality projects up and down the UK.

We must thank our recent crop of new brokers who are attracted to the hands on approach we take to the application process and very high quality of service we give to their clients.

Direct clients are also taking advantage of our availability of funding, great rates and willingness to lend where others will not. In the last month we have, for example funded projects in Blackpool and the South coast with future funding agreed for a project in the North East and Manchester.

If you or your client is ready to start building you need to be contacting us as soon as possible. All it takes is a phone call, no need for enquiry forms or barriers to an easy application. We are available on 01492 879906 or you can drop us a line at loan@richmondsecurities.co.uk .

The photograph below is for a high quality project in Crawley, which is progressing smoothly on schedule and budget.