Are we lenders? Yes, we are.

Are we lending? Yes, we are.

Do I fit your criteria? Ring, let’s find out.

Specialists in Development Finance

We have funded building projects since well before the credit problems that have hit the banks. So, through the boom and bust periods we have had money available to support quality building projects for developers and builders up and down the country.

It has been well reported that the traditional banks have long since stopped supporting the construction industry and, as we sit today, it may well be a while before most return to the sector. It does not have to mean that projects have to stay on the drawing board. This year, so far, has seen us fund the build of 2 large detached houses which took £750,000, to the completion of a much smaller build requiring only £50,000. This range of funding options means we stand out as one of the more flexible lenders in the market.

Our rates and terms are very competitive too, so you don’t have to pay over the odds for the best. Need more reasons why you should be talking to us about your next property development loan? Read on…

Service is Crucial

We aim to provide the best service in the industry. Of course, all the development finance institutions say that but how many can say they answer the phone at 7.30 am or 8.30 pm ? And by answer the phone we do not mean a call centre that takes a message, we mean an underwriter who can discuss your enquiry with you. So, if you have been on a roof all day, which is not ideal for phone calls, you know you can get hold of us when you are back on the ground. We will even answer the phone, when we can, over the weekend. In the unlikely event that we don’t answer, leave a message and we will call back.

Underwriting Enquiries From The Start

From a client and broker point of view, a valuable part of our service is that we do not say Yes to all enquiries, just for the sake of it or to take fees. Before giving out figures we like to look at comparables, the planning and the local area. We could make an educated guess for you, if you just want a quick idea of the cost, but our way means you can have more confidence. By starting our underwriting process at the outset you know we have looked at the figures and other vital parts of the project that make the deal do able. So, a Yes really does mean a YES.

property development funded by Richmond
Yes, we funded this one.

The only fees you will pay at the start of the process, normally, are for the professionals we need to help us fully underwrite the project. You pay these directly, we are not making a margin on them, and as we do not take our fee until the loan completes we need to lend money to stay in business. It also means that, if for some reason the enquiry does not complete, you have not lost thousands in fees. Of course, because we underwrite from the outset it is very rare for a project not to go through.

Residential Development Finance outside the M-25

Though some lenders will only lend you money if you are developing in and around the capital, we realise that there are quality projects all over the country. In the last few years we have backed schemes in the Midlands, Yorkshire, Manchester and Wales.

Let’s talk Building Finance

We can’t do it all and not every project is going to work for us. However, what we will do is try as much as we can to make something fit. That old cliche we find reasons to do a deal is true – we don’t get paid to sit in an office looking busy, we get paid on results.

If you want a lender that is keen to do business and will give you that service you used to get from the bank then give us a call, or fill in our form.