Development Finance IS AVAILABLE outside the M25

The majority of enquiries we receive are for locations outside the M25, which has started to feel like some sort of exclusion zone. In an already difficult market many comment that it is that much harder to complete loans for developments in the North or Midlands.

We take a more reasonable approach and are happy to receive enquiries from all over the UK. Of course while we cannot fund every development project, we do realise that a good deal is a good deal whether it is in Mayfair or Manchester.

Our current lending book includes small developments in Yorkshire, Lancashire, South Wales, Staffordshire and Stockton on Tees. The clients are all experienced developers and builders and the projects are sound – proof that there is life and business to be done all over the country.

Our experienced team looks for reasons to say yes to your proposal and we do not just “tick boxes” to come to a lending decision. The initial underwriting process is as thorough as it can be so when we say YES we mean YES.

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