Barn Conversion in Huntsham, a village near York.

Barn conversions can be, as you may well already know from experience, extremely difficult to deal with. From having more problems than you first thought to spiralling costs and extending timescales, barns can take a lot of money and most, if not all your sanity.

That said, in the right hands, they can produce superb buildings that anyone would be proud to call home. As was the case with our client on this project.

They came to us with a wealth of knowledge on converting farm buildings and the experience to match. While this project might not have been for everyone, they have created stunning properties and we are already talking about the next build we fund for them.

To discuss your next project, barn conversion, new build or anything in between give us a call on 01492 233 505.

Client Testimonial and project pictures.

“Having established my niche Property Development company, I have been immersed in the construction industry long enough to have encountered an array of commercial lenders: I discovered to my chagrin that many of the short term speciality lenders exist with mainly one motive, that being to impose as many charges as possible onto the borrower, regardless of whether it means putting the customer’s financial wellbeing in jeopardy.

Most commercial lenders focus their attention on extracting as much cash from the customer as possible, a tactic I perceive to be bordering on illegal. Nor do the lenders target repeat custom- they really don’t care to nurture reciprocally positive business relationships. After all, their view is that there is a sea of potential borrowers queuing up to give them business, since their brokers are busy bringing them to their doors and taking a fat fee.

The commercial lending business is riddled with pitfalls and mistrust.

I have long since desired a business lender who would be proactive and on-side exactly when I wished them to be; one I could trust to lend me the funds for my developments as and when I needed them; to respond speedily to project proposals in an attentive, positive manner; and not to insist on heaping extra unwanted fees thereby taking advantage of the customer.

Also I craved a lender who would respect my longstanding experience and project management skills, meaning that I counted for something more to them than a human cashpoint.

Paul Newsham from Richmond Securities originally contacted me a couple of years ago to ascertain whether I was on the lookout for a new lender who could offer attractive terms- a decent, stress-free borrowing experience. I explained that I needed to be able to concentrate on my development projects without having sleepless nights about whether the necessary funding would materialise, and about how much I was being fleeced!

Paul explained (over a number of detailed discussions) how he valued his customers, and that indeed many of them returned for repeat custom after having dovetailed with him on an initial project. He had viewed my website and therefore understood that I could be as much of an asset to his business as he could be for mine.

Paul explained that he does not believe in trying to claim a disproportionate amount of the developer’s capital or profit, which leads both parties up a cul de sac; rather he imposes an initial acceptance fee and an interest rate commensurate with the risk and trust he is placing in his client. There are no multiple extra fees such as those dreamed up by other finance houses.

Therefore a year ago I embarked on a new development project with Richmond Securities. I have found that Paul is a pleasure to work with: he stands by his word in line with the agreed financial arrangement; I can always reach him as and when I need to and in quick time, often outside business hours; he is keen to look at new business proposals and gives me honest answers; he is measured and incisive but with a sense of humour when that is needed!

Another major advantage of choosing Richmond Securities is that they are a broker and financier combined- this not only saves money because there are no additional broker fees, but there is no middle man. As a seasoned developer I would actually rather speak directly to my lender, either to pitch a business proposal, to discuss progress or any issues, and to get a straight answer- it’s not always the case that separate brokers understand exactly what their clients are asking for, and a breakdown of communication between the borrower, the broker and the lender can not only waste precious time but it’s also deeply frustrating.

After having completed a successful project with Richmond Securities providing the necessary funding, I am in the process of agreeing a new deal with them; based on what I have been assured, I will work with them on my next project, a prospect I am looking forward to. It seems clear to me that very swiftly we have built meaningful trust and a solid business understanding. I anticipate approaching Richmond Securities first on all my future projects, with a view to remaining with them indefinitely.