We pride ourselves on having a great building finance product.

It’s not that our money is worth more than someone else’s, ten quid is ten quid, or that the end result will be worth any more when finished. We can’t alter the GDV or the property market as a whole.

IT IS that our service stands out.

We are not just here for a one time deal, one build, one project. We ARE here to fund multiple projects with you, to look after you and nurture our business relationship.

When looking for development finance, or anything for that matter, you can always find a cheaper quote. It might not be achievable but a cheap quote is often just a click or phone call away. But if you are racing to the bottom, you cannot expect premium service.

That’s not to say we are expensive, on the contrary, we are very competitive. What we are not, however, is cheap. Cheap is never cheerful, it’s normally false economy and fails to deliver what you hope and what it promises.

You might be thinking that because I said our money is the same value as anyone else’s that a loan is just a loan. Well, that is true in the way that a Lada and a Formula 1 racer are both cars. A development loan is not the same as a standard short term loan. Not only that, a loan from us is not the same as a loan from other lenders.

Both cars, NOT the same.
Both cars, NOT the same.

Aside from the fact that interest rate is not always the main thing to look at, you need to consider what happens during the term of the loan. How is the service side of the facility?

Most builders are sensible enough to acknowledge that any build can hit a snag along the way. When that snag hits how will your lender react?

If it means you need more money, will it be available? What if you need to get a draw down ahead of schedule, will it be given?

What experience in handling developments does the lender have? Most have funded a project that needed a new kitchen and some decorating, but have they got a track record in funding new build?

We have experienced a lot over the years of providing builders and developers like you with finance. If a problem crops up, we work to deal with it. If an issue needs resolving, we will do what we can to help you resolve it.

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Experience counts.

Our way of working is designed to give you as much help as we can. Our intention is not just to get as much money as we can from a single project, ours is to make sure you only think of us when you want to fund the next project.

If you are heading purely for the cheapest headline, it might end up costing you more than you thought.

Remember, cheap is not cheerful, you want to be looking for value. Our product is designed with you in mind. It is not setting you up to fail.

We want to help you make your next project a success, so to find out how we can do that, get in touch. Through a contact form, email or the best way, phone – 01492 879906.