We Are Development Finance Lenders.


Looking to finance a build, conversion or renovation? Then you need to speak to Richmond Securities about our development finance options.

You may have been told that development finance is either not available or will be very difficult to find. Well, this does not have to be the case. We are genuine property development finance lenders who are looking to fund quality projects all over the U.K.

What we need.

To start with, just the basics.


To potentially save you hours of time you do not need to put together a 10 page spread sheet showing detail down to the cost of individual nails and screws. At some point that information becomes somewhat relevant but initially the overall picture is most important. The same goes for in depth business plans. We don’t need to read 8 pages of content to know that you think a project is going to be great.

At initial enquiry we want to know:


That would give us a good over view of the project and whether we can fund it for you or not. If you cannot give us the above at the outset, we can still give you an idea of the costs but, the more information the better at the start.

Underwriting from the Start.

Our aim is to underwrite as far as we can before we send out figures or agree to fund a project. Rather than say yes to everything that reasonably falls within our criteria, we do some work.

You don’t earn money by not building or developing. We don’t make money not lending so, we only take on the cases we genuinely want to fund – looking busy and talking about the loan amounts we have quoted is of no interest to us.

Competitive Costs and Fees.

Our loan products are very competitive for the current market and not as expensive as you might think. We have spoken to clients where we are cheaper than a high street bank and with much quicker response times.

The fees you pay at the start are for site visits from various professionals, charged at cost you pay the professional directly, we do not load the price. Our fee is taken, in normal circumstance, at the end of the process, we do not earn from the fee at the outset.

Old Fashioned Service.

Some things in modern life have not changed for the better. Progress is often at the expense of service, but not here at Richmond Securities.

You can have a look at our cases page to have a look at some of the projects we have funded or go and look at our testimonials, which are real, to see how well you will be looked after.