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1. What is Property Development Finance?

It is a loan specifically structured with a building project in mind, whatever that may be. Rather than just use a bridging loan, for example, which is rigid and has to be taken in a lump sum. Instead, you take the development finance in stages, as you need it.

2. How Much Can I Borrow?

This depends on a number of factors. Typically, we look to provide you with 100% of the build costs, with up to 50% available towards purchase, if need be. The loan amount, plus fees and interest would normally need to be no more than 60% of the developments’ Gross Development Value.

3. Are There Any Fees?

While you do have to pay fees we work in such a way that they are as cheap as possible and only payable when absolutely necessary. The amounts will vary depending on the specifics of the loan and the project itself, so best to give us a call to discuss. All fees are payable directly to the relevant party – we do not mark these up for our own benefit.

4. How Fast Can The Loan Be Arranged?

This is, for the most part, down to how quickly your solicitors respond to ours with their enquiries. We can agree terms with you within 24 hours and “be on site” within a day or two. We have no interest in delaying the progress, so we will move as fast as your solicitor allows.

5. Do I Need To Make Interest Payments?

In the majority of cases no, you don’t need to. We tend to “roll up” interest, which means the address is added to the balance outstanding, repayable at the end.

6. Do I Need To BE Experienced?

The short answer is No. That said, you will need to have someone that does have experience running the site. So, that might be a project manager or by having a main contractor do all the work for you, on a turn key basis.

7. Do I Need A Good Credit Rating?

No. For us it comes down to the project as a whole. As long as we are comfortable that you have a satisfactory “exit route” we will look to lend

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