100% Of What?

100% development finance

Most clients and enquiries are looking to borrow, at least, the build cost. All of it, 100% of it. Being able to find promises of providing that are not too difficult to find. The problem that clients may find is that might not quite mean what they mean. For most they think it means if […]

What is your “in-principle” worth?

We talk to alot of clients during a normal working week, some are coming to us first and others have been speaking to either other lenders and brokers. Some are armed with an in-principle decision, so what is that worth? Many seem to be under the impression that an in principle is as good as […]

The Art of Property Development Finance

Calling what we do an art is a bit grand, I will admit. That said, we have funded some pretty fantastic builds over the years. What we do is not science, though, either. When we receive an enquiry we don’t run to a matrix to make the decision, or feed it into a spreadsheet to […]

Property Development Finance Lenders

Are we lenders? Yes, we are. Are we lending? Yes, we are. Do I fit your criteria? Ring, let’s find out. Specialists in Development Finance We have funded building projects since well before the credit problems that have hit the banks. So, through the boom and bust periods we have had money available to support […]