How does Building Finance work?

This is a question we are often asked, so here is a basic explanation in case you are wondering yourself: Unlike a bridging loan construction finance is generally not released on one lump sum. More normally it will be broken into stage payments, which would be agreed as the application proceeds. This has a number […]

What are the uses for a Bridging Loan?

As well as providing Construction Finance we also fund clients looking for Bridging Loans. We have been involved in arranging and funding bridging loans since the late 1980’s, much of that time as a principle lender. We still offer this service to clients looking to raise money for business purposes. A bridge is a short […]

Bridging Finance or Building Finance?

Which is the best option to fund yourDevelopment? A good number of clients who call to enquire about our lending products start the call asking for a bridging loan when looking to fund their latest building project. In our opinion when undertaking a build a bridging loan is not the best option for a number […]

Some tips on applying for Development Loans

What’s needed for an initial application forDevelopment Finance? For an initial enquiry for Building Finance. we do not necessarily need exhaustive costings or a schedule of works but some pieces of information are useful to have from first contact. Of course we understand that you may wish to discuss your options at a very early […]