The new year is well under way with our current clients progressing their projects well and interesting new enquiries coming to us.

“Great”, you might say, “Good for you!” But, how can we help YOU get the best out of the coming year?

Simply, we have a product that we believe works and we will continue to be as flexible as possible.

cheadle hulme development
Cheadle Hulme development progressing

In our opinion you don’t need grandiose words and proclamations, you just need to be to the point with straightforward information and a willingness to genuinely want to help.

Our attitude and business continues to be centred firmly around YOU, the client. So, if you are thinking of working with us you need not worry about how we will deal with you. Our intention is to build a relationship to make sure you come back again.

Our building finance tends to start at £100,000 and goes up to £500,000, there is flexibility in that but that is our “target” market. In that niche of development lending we are very competitive on price, with a service that others will struggle to meet.

Our term is a standard 12 months – we are not looking to try and sell you short. We will give you advanced stage payments, wherever we can and we will always look to roll up the interest. Our fees are sensible and perhaps most important for you?


That is worth repeating – we don’t take our fee upfront.

If we provide the finance for you we get paid, if not we don’t simple. You don’t make a living on taking fees based on a promise and neither do we.

It means that we can’t and won’t just say Yes for the sake of it, and we can only afford to take on cases that we really do want to fund. That’s why we underwrite from the start, we want to be clear what the project and location is – we are not just ticking boxes, we are actually underwriting!

So, to get your new project and year off to a great start, give us a call. There is no obligation and it isn’t going to cost you anything.

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