Richmond Securities can provide what YOU and YOUR CLIENT needs;

Reliable Decisions, Performance and Service.

We can give them access to finance that will allow them to fund their next projects.

We have been funding developments for many years, so we have experience in helping clients go from the ground up to a finished property, or to carry out conversions and refurbishments.

Our Brokers Say:

No-one else does more to keep a development deal together and get it to completion

I have always found Richmond Securities to be a lender that wants to do business.
The service and response times are excellent, and I always get a reply that allows me to let the client know whether a deal can be done.

How we can help you:

We like to look after our brokers and help you as much as we can. Our rates are very competitive, our terms are flexible and we make the process easy.

  • No upfront fees
  • Loans from £50,000 upwards
  • We will fund deals others can’t be bothered with
  • Most of UK covered
  • We can do it all for you
  • Just pick up the phone to start the process
  • You get repeat fees

Advanced Stage Payments

Draw downs are generally provided in advance, so the client can just use land as security for the loan. Crucially the rest of the stage payments do not rely on a valuers opinion, either. As long as the work is progressing as it should, we will continue to fund. We WANT the client to finish their project.

Our Process

We have been brokers in the past, so we know what you are looking for from a lender.

We also know that having an enquiry fail part way through the process is very frustrating, so our process is designed to eliminate that as much as possible.

To provide a superior service for you and the client, we start to underwrite the proposal from day 1. So, while we tend not to give instant decisions we take a couple of hours to give a decision that has been thought through, investigated and considered properly.

To allow us to properly assess, ideally, we need to have the site address, planning number and the basic figures. We will then do our own checks on comparables, look through the planning and look at the local area.

So, when we give you a Yes, you can be sure that we genuinely want to lend. We do not change up front fees so, like you, we have to work on results. If we can’t fund a project our process means we can tell you at the outset and not waste your time. We know that having a straight answer, quickly is vital to your success as well as the clients’.

Start An Application

To start an application off, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Alternatively, drop us a line at or complete our online application form.

Development finance is not a simple box ticking exercise, there is more to it than that – don’t leave it to a company with no experience.

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