Brokers, your clients are in good hands with us

As well as competitive rates and terms, we offer you and your clients what you need:

Reliable decisions, Performance and Service.

Having funded developments for 20 years there’s not a lot we’ve not seen.

You and your clients get to benefit from that experience.

“No-one else does more to keep a development deal together and get it to completion.”

“I have always found Richmond Securities to be a lender that wants to do business.”

“The service and response times are excellent, and I always get a reply that allows me to let the client know whether a deal can be done.”

Get in touch, Tim will call you back...

How are we different?

Why would you want to work with us?

Development finance isn’t just about cheap rates. You and your clients need to be able to rely on the finance with easy access to draw downs as the project progresses.

Getting quotes that change or having an enquiry fail part way through the process is very frustrating, so our process is designed to eliminate that for you.

Rather than send you a decision in principle instantly just because the figures look ok, we take time to start underwriting straight away. 

Taking time to make sure a case is one we really want to fund gives you a couple of advantages.

Firstly, you know when we say yes, we mean it. Assuming nothing untoward crops up in the due diligence, having terms from us means we want to fund your client.

Secondly, eliminating cases we don’t want at the outset means we have more time to look after the clients we do take on. 

Our clients appreciate the personal service we can give and being able to pick up the phone to the decision maker.

February 2022

At a glance...

  • Ground up builds
  • Loans from £100,000 upwards
  • Personal service
  • Terms you can rely on 
  • We can lend in England Scotland and Wales
  • Lending to developers for 20 years
  • First time developers welcome
  • Just pick up the phone to start the process
  • You get repeat fees
20 years funding developers

Ready to make an enquiry?

To get a quote and start an application you can send some basic information over email, to, or fill in the form and Tim will call you back.

Initially we will need:

  • Site address
  • Planning number
  • Costings
  • How long the project will take
  • End value
  • CV or background of experience for client

With this we can have a good look at the project and come back to you with some terms. 

If your client is happy with them we can take over and run the case for you, from start to finish.