The Art of Property Development Finance

Calling what we do an art is a bit grand, I will admit. That said, we have funded some pretty fantastic builds over the years. What we do is not science, though, either. When we receive an enquiry we don’t run to a matrix to make the decision, or feed it into a spreadsheet to […]

Development Finance – Same Old Same Old

As we plunge into the final quarter of the year there seems to be no stopping the influx of new lenders, new money and new shiny products that promise so much. Some probably deliver, to an extent, at least, but others are simply another case of “if it sounds too good to be true it […]

Applying for a Development Loan

For Richmond Securities, making the application process simple to deal with is very important. We know that sometimes you just want an informal chat about a project or you want an idea of costs without producing 50 pages of information. Basics, please To start things off we just need some basics. Typically we mean the […]

Are All Development Loans Are The Same?

Surprise, Surprise! The answer is no. Unlike other short term finance, development loans can be somewhat tricky to understand because of the way they get packaged up. Depending on the source, you could have a loan with a lower rate which might look good but actually has much higher fees, making the overall cost more […]

Property Development Finance Lenders

Are we lenders? Yes, we are. Are we lending? Yes, we are. Do I fit your criteria? Ring, let’s find out. Specialists in Development Finance We have funded building projects since well before the credit problems that have hit the banks. So, through the boom and bust periods we have had money available to support […]