Calling what we do an art is a bit grand, I will admit. That said, we have funded some pretty fantastic builds over the years.

What we do is not science, though, either. When we receive an enquiry we don’t run to a matrix to make the decision, or feed it into a spreadsheet to come up with the answer.

Of course, we do have some parameters to work in, for loan to values and such but then even they can be pushed for the right project.

Another great build, funded by our money.
Another great build, funded by our money.

One definition of art is: “a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice.” Having moved away from bridging to focus on development funding, we have found ourselves here, with our own way of working that is as much on gut feeling as it is hard facts. We didn’t decide, last week, to have a crack at funding property development, we have experience, we know what builders want and need.

We, actual human beings, look at the various factors that influence any project and take some time to come up with a decision.

Remember, we want to say “yes”. There is no fun, money or satisfaction in saying “no” all the time.

We genuinely like doing business with builders and developers, old and new, so when we underwrite we want to find the positives.

This is not to say that we will do everything and anything. We have to be selective and we make no apology for that. For one thing, it allows us the time to properly look after the projects and clients we do fund. Frankly, we might not even be the best bet for your project and if that is the case we will tell you and help you all we can.

Before we will give you a quote in writing, we will look at the site address, the planning and comparables, so we can form our own opinion. The art of underwriting is looking at that information and seeing a deal to be done.

To see how we work first hand, give us a call, send an email or fill out our form and start the process. We are always looking for reasons to help you and being turned down by others for one specific factor is not always the end of the project.

Our decision will be made on the merit of the project, the applicants and the figures – so, if we like it, we will fund it. Simple.

Let’s get to work!