Surprise, Surprise! The answer is no.

Unlike other short term finance, development loans can be somewhat tricky to understand because of the way they get packaged up. Depending on the source, you could have a loan with a lower rate which might look good but actually has much higher fees, making the overall cost more expensive.

As well as the interest rate and fees you also need to consider the term. A cheaper loan is all well and good but what if you want it for longer than the other company is prepared to give it to you? Going past term is not a great idea, you will likely find that the costs jump up and you end up paying much more for the money.

How We Do It

For us a loan is not just about that one project, we are also thinking ahead to the next build and the one after that. This mindset is good for you, it means we are not just looking to take as much as we can for ourselves, as soon as possible. It means that we are wanting to work with you for the long term and it means that we will look after you.

Everyone prefers to work with someone they know, it is easier, for one and generally a more pleasant experience. We are no different.

We try and ensure you want to come back by giving you, as far as we can, what you want. Our product is flexible and fit for purpose.

Our development loans are always offered on a 12 month term, whether you think you need it or not – better to have too much rather than not enough time. Our exit fees are not based on the GDV, so if you are able to sell at a premium you will not be penalised.


To discuss the next project just pick up the phone, 01492 879906. We just need some basic information to make an informed decision that you can rely on.

We are not interested in trying to impress you with jargon or buzz words, we are just straight talking and always looking at ways we can help you.

Getting in touch is the first step to getting your project funded.