What do industry professionals say about Richmond Securities?

Aziz Kochek CEng MICE – Managing Director, AKSESS Ltd.

We at AKSESS Ltd, a firm of Structural Engineers, have been working very closely with Richmond Securities since 2009 providing them with our services which include initial feasibility/technical reports, stage inspections and reporting on progress and quality of the work for stage release of the loan moneys to the developers. This entails providing them with advice and consultations on the technical aspects of the projects and the reviewing of the planning and building regulations conditions. We work very closely with both Paul Newsham and his borrowers to ensure the risks are minimised to either party throughout life of the project. We have been involved in projects of various sizes and values and have found the developers to be extremely happy with Paul’s flexible approach to their financial requirements. Many of RS clients have told us that they could not have progressed the work without the help from Paul. They generally have similar impressions of Paul and RS: professional, friendly, efficient, responsive, helpful and flexible.

Stephen Crowther – RP&P Management Limited

RP&P Management Ltd (Building Surveyors and Health & Safety Consultants) has worked with Richmond Securities for over 3 years, providing feasibility and progress reports on projects being developed by small to medium sized contractors and developers throughout England and Wales. Our inspections are undertaken prior to commencement of building works, as well as during the construction process, and include a review of the planning and building regulation conditions, warranty and any issues relating to development of the site itself. We have found that Richmond Securities provide a quick and responsive development finance service to their Clients, many of which are repeat customers. We work in partnership with Richmond Securities and their Clients to help grow and build their businesses.

Your clients are struggling to get development finance for their small projects.

Make their lives easier, get in touch with us and we will do the rest.

Referring them to us gives them access to 100% OF BUILD COSTS and ADVANCED STAGE PAYMENTS. On top of those obvious benefits, we do not charge arrangement or processing fees until the loan has completed.



Our property development finance can be used on single ad multi unit sites. We understand the needs of a project and will always be as flexible as possible to suit your clients’ proposal.

  • 100% of Build Costs
  • Advanced Stage Payments
  • Market Leading Rates
  • No upfront application fees
  • All of mainland UK covered
  • In-principle decision from first call
  • Fast responses
  • Easy application process
  • New Builds
  • Renovations
  • Flats and Houses

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Mark Hardie LL.B. MRICS – Hardie Brack Surveyors

Hardie Brack Chartered Surveyors have for over six years been accepting instructions for providing professional services to Richmond Securities, including surveys, valuations, project appraisals, documentation audits and stage drawdown inspections.

We have always found Richmond Securities to be efficient and professional in the way which they deal with their clients and their professional advisors. Primarily, it is the speed with which Richmond Securities can assess and provide commitment to development projects.

It is usual for Paul Newsham to telephone us when he receives an enquiry in order that an initial appraisal can be conducted on a desktop basis, which allows him to make his decision on whether to proceed to the next stage of the pre-lending process, valuation etc. This unusual process saves potential borrowers considerable time and money with all parties proceeding to and through the pre-mortgage offer stage, with the knowledge that there is a reasonable prospect of the lending being sanctioned.

Richmond Securities encourage their ​customer​s to deal with us direct in the preliminary stages, which allows us to assess the potential property projects, or deal with greater clarity and accuracy in the initial stages.

In respect of funding development projects we have noted with admiration the response time of Richmond securities to their customers request for further monies, and indeed, the 100% record of full payment of drawdown monies are certified within days of our inspection thus minimising the risk to the project and disruption the developers cash flow.

We most certainly recommend Richmond Securities as a source of funding to those property purchasers and owners requiring bridging finance and those requiring development finance.