Richmond Securities; A Lender You Can Trust

“Our customers are more than just clients, they’re our business partners”

Why Choose Us

We are a dedicated team with many years experience. You can be confident you are dealing with a company that is always working to give you the best possible product and service.

Our Goal

We aim to make sure your project is a success, using our skill and expertise to deliver facilities that work with you and make the process as straightforward as possible.

Our Belief

We believe clients are more than just account numbers and they should be treated with the best intentions at all times.

The History

Richmond Financial Services was established in January 1985 operating in the Financial Services Market as independent financial advisors. In the late 1980’s we became involved in the residential mortgage market and this became our area of expertise during the 1990’s and beyond. We now focus solely on property projects that are for sale or investment purposes, as a development finance provider.

As a consequence of our exposure to the mortgage market as a broker, we became involved in arranging short term loans and this proved an area of particular interest, to the extent that we decided to become involved to a greater degree by lending our own capital.

Richmond Securities was established in 1999 specifically to provide short term finance using our own capital. We developed into this area of the market, able to provide a quick and personal service to our customers as we designed our own products, assessed the applications, issued the loan documentation and provided the funds. After several years trading successfully with our own capital, we were able to expand our business levels by utilising a multi-million pound credit facility with a JV partner lender.

The provision of short term loans led to enquiries from property developers and builders in connection with both new build and refurbishment projects. We began assisting with some of these enquiries and over a period of several years we developed a product range to meet the various needs of the sector. Having established that this was a market we wished to become more heavily involved in and having developed knowledge, expertise and experience we began to operate more consistently in the sector, able to assist with small developments typically of the new build of 1-4 units.

Today we specialise exclusively in the small development finance sector and continue to seek new projects and clients.

The People

Paul has been involved in financial services since the early 1980’s having worked for both Barclays and Britannic. Richmond Financial Services was set up in January 1985.

Paul is driven to provide clients with outstanding care and attention as well as make the process of enquiring and applying for a loan as simple as possible.