Funding projects like yours for over 20 years

At a glance:

Richmond Securities will not just impress you with the great rates and terms. You’ll be reminded of how service is supposed to be, how banks used to lend and how good it is to work with a lender that does all it can to help you succeed.

Our development finance can be used to fund single or multi-unit projects and you have full contact with the decision makers. You and your project will benefit from our underwriting process – it’s been refined with you in mind. You’ll also be well looked after during the build. Our draw downs are arranged quickly, there’s no need to worry about the next chunk of money arriving in your bank.

You will find that we are as flexible as possible to make a project work and our Decision in Principle can be relied on. Just as important is that we have years of experience in funding building projects. So, if issues do crop up ( and you know most builds don’t run perfectly ) you’ll find we are a lender that wants to work with you to come to a solution.

Simple Process


Underwrite – From the first call we take some basic but vital information from you and start our underwriting. By doing some initial “leg work” we are able to give you a firm Decision in Principle.


Our colleagues can normally be on site within days of your first call. The legal process can begin and we start moving you from an application to funded as quickly as we can.


It’s then over to you. With upfront funding available, your development can start without you needing to fund the first part of the build yourself.

What's your next project?

New Build

Property Development Finance New Build


Property Development Finance Conversions


Property Development Finance Renovations

We are specialists in development, we don’t do anything else. With the years of experience behind us in the development finance industry, we’ve probably already seen and funded a project like yours. Our aim is to do all we can to make sure your project is a success so you want to come back to us to fund the next one.

Clients have said...

” I have found Richmond Securities an excellent company to deal with. They have a no nonsense, old fashioned approach to lending. “

D.W. – Preston

“I have personally recommended Richmond Securities to 2 small builder/developers similar to myself and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.”

S.W. – Blackpool

A couple of our projects...

New build of 2 detached houses.

Site in Plaistow, next to a previously completed property.

Build funded in advanced stage payments.

New build 5 bed detached house.

Located on beachfront, Bexhill on Sea.

Build funded from the ground up.